So you've managed to stumble across this wacky section of the web. For that, I'm truly sorry.

(not so) Simple Dreams is my dream diary, so to speak. I usually have really wacky dreams that often revolve around something I said, saw, or did just before going to sleep. Fictional characters and friends usually make appearances. The most common guests in my dreams are as follows:

I/Me - Well... Me. 30 year old super-geek female designer with an over active imagination and really weird brain.
Marc - Husband extraordinaire.
Alan - Good male friend.
Tom - Good male friend.
Andi - Good female friend.
Jackson - Good male friend.
Leena - Good female friend.


Voldemort - Dark Wizard and nemesis of Harry Potter.
The Joker - Always the Heath Ledger one, and not the Jack Nicholson one.