Kanye Concert

I was at a theatre, watching a major concert: Kanye West singing Josh Groban's versions of Kanye West's Tweets. But all he kept singing was "Can we please toast... to the motherf*ing douchebags... tonight."

The crowd was getting really upset, because we all paid good money to hear him sing other things, but that's all he sang.


And if you haven't seen it:

Mom is in the Attic

Came across this today. NO CLUE why I labeled it "Mom is in the Attic", cause it's been a few years. Kind of glad I can't remember, cause "Mom is in the Attic" sounds way creepy.


Took a nap today, and this is what I remember after Marc woke me up.

I'm in a mall with friend Leena (which, incidentally, happened today). We were looking for dresses (also happened), and came across a huge showing of Tommy Hilfiger clothes. I bought a bunch, despite friend Alan telling me I wouldn't need them.