The Gray House

I'm in a worn down house with friends Alan, Andi, and Leena. Everything is various shades of gray. There are gray curtains over the windows, gray wood on the floors, gray wallpaper, and gray painters cloths draped over all the (presumably gray) furniture.

After searching the house, we hear a noise coming from upstairs. We go up the (very gray) stairs and find a large, open room with nothing in it but a gray overturned chair and a gray painting in a gray frame. There's nothing on the painting but smears of gray paint, so I wipe them off. As I do, a bunch of bright colors are revealed on the canvas, and the paint I wiped off with my fingers turns to a pale, peachy, skin tone.

I keep wiping paint off the canvas and smearing it on various things, like the walls and the chair, and the paint turns to the color that the object should be (I think the walls were dark green).

Apparently my friends got bored of this, because they decided to go to the backyard. I followed them, and found a lovely, colorful party going on. It was night, and there were millions of stars in the sky. We were on a large dock/patio next to the sea, and on all the railings around us were attached those little round paper lanterns in lots of colors. Strings of white lights were also crisscrossed above our heads, and there were boats in the harbor. We all sat down and had a nice meal, and then Andi and Leena got on a boat as passengers while Alan went to sail it, while I watched from the dock.

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