The Battle for the Vacuum

I'm driving my fiance, Marc, and friend Alan to Costco so I can get a new vacuum cleaner. Apparently this Costco is gigantic and in the middle of the desert, cause we're in a valley of sorts, all brown rock and no trees surrounded by low, brown plateaus.

This particular Costco has a dozen or more exits off the freeway, so I take the one for vacuum cleaners (which had a large ad up for a Hoover, and a real-time customer rating shown. It wasn't rated very high, so I decided not to get it.). Only somehow I got turned around and wound up in an abandoned apartment complex on a plateau overlooking the Costco.

The place is made of brown and tan adobe or plaster, and I'm driving around the complex trying to find the exit. Instead, I find myself on top of a parking deck, and can see the Costco from where we're parked. Marc and Alan are all for jumping over the railing (and apparently injuring themselves, cause it was a good 5 or 6 stories from the ground) to get to the store, but I was having none of it. So I take my little orange car and drive it down and we finally get to Costco.

I'm not sure what happened, but as some point while we were in the store, we made a fort and each slept in a hammock.

Sometime after the hammock deal, I found a green vacuum I want. Unfortunately, someone else wants it as well, and they pick up the vacuum and start beating me with it while Marc and Alan stand off to the side and play on their old-school Gameboys. I keep yelling for them to help me, but they're too interested in their game, the jerks.

Somehow I pry the vacuum away from the crazed individual and Marc, Alan and I all run down a back hallway screaming and yelling while being chased by the vacuum-loving maniac.

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